Gigantic Bills in Congress

Posted: 23rd December 2009 by Scott @ The Right of a Nation in General Politics

According to a new Zogby poll (which I can’t find a link to for some reason), more than 80% of Americans believe that Congress creates huge, 1,000+ long bills for a specific reason – to sneak in other projects and to attempt to confuse the American people.

The reason they believe this is BECAUSE IT IS TRUE.  Both parties do this.  Not only do they do it to sneak in stuff they want, they also put together various issues into one bill in order to get “the other side” to vote for the larger interest and thus get the other issue squeezed in as well.

For instance, last summer,  money for the International Monetary Fund was included in a bill for new war funding.  Republicans most likely would support the money for the wars, but obviously would not for the completely unrelated issue of the IMF.

Stuff like this happens constantly with these huge bills, and it really is an outrage.

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