NRA Update – Gun Confiscation after Hurricane Katrina

Posted: 5th January 2010 by Scott @ The Right of a Nation in 2nd Amendment

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I mentioned the gun confiscation after Hurricane Katrina a while back; you can read that here.

In the January 2010 edition of NRA’s magazine “America’s First Freedom” there is an update to this story, written by Barbara Baird.

Apparently, many residents are still waiting to get their guns back.  After a three year legal battle between the NRA, SAF (Second Amendment Foundation) and the city of New Orleans and St. Tammany Parrish, an injunction was issued against the latter two.  The injunction, issued in October 2008,  stated the the city must “make an aggressive attempt to return any and all firearms which may have been confiscated during the period August 29 to December 31, 2005.”

The information concerning receiving back your legally owned firearms can be found at the New Orleans webpage.

After that, the NRA sent a crew to view the gun inventory in Baton Rouge.

It consisted basically of a bunch of rusty guns in crates with hand-written tags on them, which according to NRA Attorney Dan Holliday were added long after the time of confiscation.  Holliday viewed the guns and hired a private investigator to attempt to contact the people listed on the tags, but some did not want to talk, while others stated that they actually had their guns confiscated from their homes while they were not even at the residence at the time.  In addition, many people had moved.

As opposed to the city of New Orleans, in St. Tammany Parish, everyone who had filed to get their guns back received them within two weeks.

According to New Orleans Assistant City Attorney Victor L. Papai, as of last October, there have been only three applicants, and the city has claimed that they do not have those guns.

One citizen, JoAnn Guidos, owned a pub in New Orleans.  After the hurricane, she kept the pub open for two weeks serving drinks and food to neighborhood people, law enforcement officers, and press.  She didn’t want to evacuate because she was afraid of looters coming through and destroying the place and burning it down, which she claimed happened all around the area.

After a couple weeks, things had calmed down with the presence of federal troops, so Guidos and friends decided to lock up and leave, since it was still very hot and humid and there was still no power.  While loading up her van to leave she had her Browning shotgun and .38 revolver on her, when five U.S. Marshals armed with M-16s saw her and forced her to give up her weapons.  Despite her request, no ID nor receipts were given by the Marshals.

In November of 2008 she completed the paperwork to receive her weapons, and never heard back.  The city attorney Papai claimed he contacted her several times, and even showed a letter he sent to her, but the letter was dated three weeks previous to her filing of the paperwork.

At this point she has basically given up on receiving the guns back, but now owns more guns and claims she will not let this happen again.

Luckily for everyone not stripped of their 2nd Amendment rights, there are now laws in place that should prevent this from happening again.

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  2. Gilbert says:

    I don’t get it. Your constitution protects gun owners. Those officials take guns from owners violating the constitution, and none of them are sued, and fired from their positions ? So in the USA officials can violate the constitution with no consequences whatsoever ? What is the NRA doing here exactly : letting contitutions infringers get away with it ?

  3. Skunkskinner says:

    I wonder how many heirloom firearms belonging to private citizens are now in the homes of the police and guard that conducted the confiscation and never made it to gun inventory.

    Yes, the government does not have the interest of the governed, Huey P. Long would be proud.

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  5. Ridethehate says:

    “”Luckily for everyone not stripped of their 2nd Amendment rights, there are now laws in place that should prevent this from happening again”"

    Am I wrong here or doesnt the 2nd Amendment prevent this from happening?
    What good is a law going to do if they are willing to break the 2nd Amendment?

    Sorry for the negativity just I was so mad and frustrated.. even scared that this happened at all.

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