Secret Gov’t Meetings/Bills not a “Government of the People”

Posted: 5th January 2010 by Scott @ The Right of a Nation in General Politics

update – Obama and Democrats did officially decide to hold the final healthcare negotiations behind closed doors.

So the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats continue to hold secret talks about the healthcare plans.  If “the people” want this so bad, why does it need to be kept secret from us?  Or is it one of those “we know what you need better than you do so we will do this against your will for your own good” situations?

According to The Washington Times, so far Congressional Democrats have

  • passed the House version of the healthcare bill on a Saturday night
  • held Senate vote on the bill at 1 am in the morning
  • forced the passage of the bill on Christmas Eve
  • prevented discussion in the House on any amendments to the bill (except the ones they added) and allowed 24 hours for study of the full text of the bill

This is why the American people do not want this crap, and the polls show that.  We don’t want something forced down our throats, but what can we really do about it?  We elected these people and now they apparently do whatever they want under the cover of the mainstream media.

Now it appears that Congress will not televise the conference to reconcile the two versions of the bill, and may not even allow a formal conference at all.  Instead, some chose “negotiators” will make the decision in a secret meeting, with no rules and no Republicans in sight.

If the above list of shady actions on this healthcare bill was enumerated on either the ABC, CBS, or NBC nightly news programs, I guarantee support for the bill (and the politicians involved in this) would drop an additional 10 points.

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