$135,294 spent for each new “green job” created

Posted: 9th January 2010 by Scott @ The Right of a Nation in General Politics

Back in December I mentioned that $246,436.00 was spent in the stimulus for each job that has been created.  You can read that at The Right of a Nation 12-8-2009.

Well, if you want to experience deja vu, continue reading.

According to Capital Hill, in light of the fact that another 85,000 jobs were lost and the unemployment rate stayed at a ridiculous 10% despite high expectations, the Obama administration announced another $2.3 billion in “tax credits” to create “green jobs.”  Obama says this will create 17,000 “green jobs,” so with simple math you see that it will cost $135,294 for each of these jobs.  I guess that should be considered an improvement compared to the $200K+ rate before?

Also, the administration plans to lobby Congress for another $5 billion in order to create “thousands more jobs.”

Just great.

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