South Carolina is not an educational bottom feeder after all

Posted: 25th January 2010 by Scott @ The Right of a Nation in South Carolina

An annual study by Education Week suggests that South Carolina is not ranked near the bottom of all states in education as is usually implied.

You can read the entire article about this study at the Index Journal of Greenville, SC, but here are some excerpts:

“Quality Counts 2010 places South Carolina at No. 11 in the nation for education policy and performance, rates the state No. 1 for policy and performance in the teaching profession and bestows perfect scores on the state in the areas of building and supporting the teaching profession, school accountability and aligning education with the work force.”

“The state is performing well in areas the education community has direct control over, however there are outside influences that can have a huge affect, state Superintendent Jim Rex said.

“Teachers and schools can only do so much,” he said.

There is a culture of low expectations and low achievement that accompanies areas of high unemployment and poverty that inhibits academic growth, Rex said, and like every other state, South Carolina is trying to figure out how to break through that impasse. Though South Carolina’s rankings for “Chance for success” have improved slightly, Rex said he is worried the recession will eliminate those gains.”

The latter comments from Jim Rex reflect something that I’ve always believed – schools can only do so much.  If parents are not involved and if the culture that students are involved in do not stress the importance of education (if it’s not “cool” to do good in school, in kid-speak), then the education system will be left just spinning its wheels.

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