What’s a Tea-bagger?

Posted: 25th January 2010 by Scott @ The Right of a Nation in General Politics

So, as everyone knows, the way liberals/Democrats attempt to minimalize the “Tea Party”  movement is by calling them “Tea-Baggers” and other variations of the term, which is a crude sexual reference.  This term has been used by both prominent media personalities and politicians.

My question is, why has no one stood up to these people on national TV (or in print) and directly asked them “when you call these people ‘tea-baggers,’ what exactly are you referring to?  What does that term mean?”

I personally would love to see how they explain it or avoid the question.

  1. Tea party talk will go nowhere unless they put a bunch of people in congress. It will be very tough to break up the monoplolistic 2 party system and the strong traditional oligarch the pour money into the two parties.

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