Quick question about new healthcare bill

Posted: 24th March 2010 by Scott @ The Right of a Nation in Health Care

Supposedly, the new healthcare bill will make these changes, among others:

  • $750 fine for people who don’t get health insurance
  • people can’t be denied health insurance because of pre-existing conditions.

So what is stopping me from canceling my insurance now (which is a lot more than $750 a year), paying my $750 fine, and then whenever I need to have a surgery, go to the hospital, etc. getting insurance right then?

  1. Waiting period says:

    A waiting period comes to mind… So, you will have to wait.. Then, after you have waited 30 days, maybe more, they can grant you insurance, but probably have some fine print on conditions that occurred while you were not insured.. They have an answer for it I’m sure.

  2. supkem says:

    you wanna know where the country is headed with this Health care crap? take a look at what is happening with health care reform in Massachusetts.

    The way it worked for us was that you had to declare your insurance on tax returns. if you didn’t have any you had to choose from several programs offered by the government and then declare that on your return.. these programs had different rates and different coverages. if you didn’t pick anything you were assigned one and the cost was added to you tax. ultimately it was good for the people but bad for the state as it is draining away every penny they hold in reserve.

    Now the scary part. Look at the whole health care reform and realize that it will break the back of the insurance companies the same way the Automobile industry and banking industry were so recently broken. The government had no problems bailing them out and now control most of their money flow. the health insurance industry is headed down the same path. that’s what this is all about. Not you getting good coverage. its about the government getting more control over you and you family.

  3. Willard says:

    $2000 per employee fine? Excellent. I pay, on average, over $6000 per emplyee for health benefits now.

    So what’s stopping me as an employer from refusing to offer healthcare at all and pocketing the savings?

    $4000 per employee, 200 employees = $800,000 savings.

    But wait, Obama said if you like your insurance you get to keep it! Not…… I am just the messenger here.

  4. BS says:

    And following through with this idea, are you figuring you’d have enough time at the onset of a heart attack to quickly acquire medical insurance to cover the costs your soon to incur?

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