Obama tells opponents to “tone it down”

Posted: 1st April 2010 by Scott @ The Right of a Nation in General Politics

Politico has a story up concerning CBS News’ recent hard-hitting Obama interview in which Harry Smith played basketball with the President.

During the interview, this is what Obama had to say about some of the criticism of his actions as President:

“I do think that everybody has a responsibility — Democrats or Republicans — to tone down some of this rhetoric, some of these comments.…It used to be that someone who said something crazy, they might be saying it to their next door neighbor or it might be on some late night AM station at the very end of the radio dial and now with the blogs, it ends up getting a lot more attention and you guys end up covering it a lot more. It’s not as if there haven’t been a lot of crazy things said out and about over the years, it’s just that it gets much more magnified much more quickly.”

First of all, Obama has changed a lot about the way this country works in his short time as President, but so far he hasn’t been able to get rid of the First Amendment, so I think that hear is going to hear a lot of comments of “kiss my ass” in response to this suggestion.

Second of all, he couldn’t be more wrong with his comments that severe criticism of America’s President used to only be whispered among neighbors, and not widely publicized.  Harsh criticism and outright vitriol directed at our President has been occurring since America’s founding.

In fact, John Adams was highly bothered by some of the outrageous comments made about our nation’s Presidents during his time, and in response he was widely lambasted as being a lover of monarchy.  Adams’ problem was that he sacrificed so much in order to help gain independence for America, that he often times felt that all that him and the other founders had fought for was being belittled by these criticisms of the President.

Anyway, point being, Americans are not going to stop criticizing our Presidents and if Obama wants us to he is going to have to try his damnedest to find a way to physically stop us.

  1. MorningStar says:

    Obama only states the toning down because it’s against him. He needs to stand the heart or get out of the kitchen cause this is part of politics. If he doesn’t or can’t accept this part then he needs to step down. Bush/Clinton/Nixon etc. accepted this part so he needs to stop whinning.

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