US to face shortage of doctors

Posted: 13th April 2010 by Scott @ The Right of a Nation in Health Care

According to the Wall Street Journal, the US is going to face a shortage of doctors in the coming years, in the face of the fact that there will be tons of more insured people in the US.

Some predict that there could be a shortage of up to 150,000 doctors in the next 15 years.

The article doesn’t really address this, but the new healthcare reform is certainly not helping the situation, and in fact has me wondering if I should’ve just recently taken a job in the healthcare field (although my area of work is not actually in healthcare).

By the way, in the few days I’ve been working in the healthcare field, I’ve yet to find a person who likes the new healthcare reform bill.  In fact, 4 or 5 people (whether it be in orientation/training situations or in normal conversation) have made negative comments about it (unprovoked).

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