Arizona immigration law

Posted: 7th June 2010 by Scott @ The Right of a Nation in General Politics

I was reading ESPN magazine the other day and was reading the “Two-Way” column by Stuart Scott.  In the column, he was asked by a reader

“Should MLB remove the All Star game from Arizona if they keep their new immigration law?”

Well, my wife accidentally threw my magazine out, so I don’t have his exact response, and I can’t seem to find it online anywhere.  Basically, he said that they should definitely take a look at the law and possibly remove the All Star game in response to the law.  He also said something about the fact that they should probably remove the All Star game because of the fact that the MLB is made up of a lot of immigrants.

This is a common theme that I’ve seen a lot among MLB players/coaches, etc.  First of all though, these opponents to the immigration law get one thing wrong – just because someone is against illegal immigration does not mean that they are against immigration in general.  Everyone in America is an immigrant in some form.  We understand that.  We support that.  We love that about America.  A group of people immigrated to what is now America in order to live in a place where they could have all of the freedoms that we enjoy today, and damn it that is what they did.  So not everyone that opposes illegal immigration is against immigration in all forms.  But that is an easy accusation to throw around, just like it’s easy for people to say that if you disagree with Obama then you are a racist.

I’ve said time and time again, it needs to be harder to get into America illegally and easier to get into America legally.

Anyway, to be honest, I really don’t see where these guys are coming from.  They are going about this all wrong.  The law in Arizona is not even really a law – it’s already illegal for someone to be in America illegally. Right?  Get it?  All Arizona is saying is that they are going to do what many other states and the country as a whole are not doing, and that is enforce that law.  So these MLB players (and other opponents to the law) are suggesting that laws should not be enforced?

If they disagree with this “law,” they should be out pushing for the removal of any type of immigration policy in America.  They should be supporting a policy where anyone and everyone can enter America and do so legally, because if they are against a policy of enforcing immigration laws then that is what they support.

Really, to be honest, I’m not even 100% sure where I stand on this law.  On one hand, I think illegal immigration is a big problem and something definitely needs to be done about it.  However, I’m definitely not a member of the “papers please” crowd.  I don’t really have a full understanding on what process the Arizona law is going to have in place for finding out who is illegal and who is not.  And I’m really not sure what is the right way.  But I’m also not like these others who hear “immigration law enforcement” and start screaming RACIST! and so on.

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