Homeland Security and their apparent preparation for war

Posted: 26th March 2013 by Scott @ The Right of a Nation in 2nd Amendment

So, Homeland Security has purchased BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition lately.  Yes, BILLIONS.

Ralph Benko at Forbes magazine aptly noted that it’s time for a national conversation on this matter.

…at the height of the Iraq War the Army was expending less than 6 million rounds a month.  Therefore 1.6 billion rounds would be enough to sustain a hot war for 20+ years.  In America.


As observed by “paramilblogger” Ken Jorgustin last September:

[T]he Department of Homeland Security is apparently taking delivery (apparently through the  Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico VA, via the manufacturer – Navistar Defense LLC) of an undetermined number of the recently retrofitted 2,717 ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ MaxxPro MRAP vehicles for service on the streets of the United States.”

These MRAP’s ARE BEING SEEN ON U.S. STREETS all across America by verified observers with photos, videos, and descriptions.”

Regardless of the exact number of MRAP’s being delivered to DHS (and evidently some to POLICE via DHS, as has been observed), why would they need such over-the-top vehicles on U.S. streets to withstand IEDs, mine blasts, and 50 caliber hits to bullet-proof glass? In a war zone… yes, definitely. Let’s protect our men and women. On the streets of America… ?”


According to the AP story a DHS spokesperson justifies this acquisition to “help the government get a low price for a big purchase.” Peggy Dixon, spokeswoman for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center:  “The training center and others like it run by the Homeland Security Department use as many as 15 million rounds every year, mostly on shooting ranges and in training exercises.” At 15 million rounds (which, in itself, is pretty extraordinary and sounds more like fun target-shooting-at-taxpayer-expense than a sensible training exercise) … that’s a stockpile that would last DHS over a century.

OK, I’m not a conspiracy theorist and never have been.  I have always maintained that the purpose of the second amendment is to protect the peoples’ rights from their government, but I still sometimes cringe when I hear that in a gun control argument on national TV, just because I know it can come off as crazy.  But seriously, what the hell?  Enough ammo to sustain a war similar to Iraq for 20 years?  Armored/mine resistant vehicles?  In America?

Of course, according to USNews, DHS denies the purchase:

“DHS routinely establishes strategic sourcing contracts that combine the requirements of all its components for commonly purchased goods and services such as ammunition,” a DHS legislative affairs person wrote to Coburn. “These strategic sourcing contracts help leverage the purchasing power of DHS to efficiently procure equipment and supplies at significantly lower costs,” the department told Coburn.

So, it’s kind of like when you go to the grocery store and the canned corn is on sale so you buy enough to last you 20 years if you ate 20 cans a day.  You do stuff like that, right?


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